How I can help you

With three types of services, I help my clients boost their business in German-speaking markets.


Do you have products or services that require targeted, regionally or culturally specific marketing efforts that go beyond just translating your existing marketing material?

Do you need to convince business decision makers about the superiority of your technical solutions?

Let me assist you with a winning combination of hands-on IT experience, marketing insight and stylistic prowess.


There are a number of ways I can help you improve your existing German documents, whether they be translations or original creations.

Translation reviews ensure that your carefully crafted documents are translated with commensurate attention to terminology, grammar and style.

Editing of drafts can help finalize a document created by an author who has superior skills in one domain (e.g. terminology or marketing) but needs assistance in other areas.

A final check before releasing a document is a small investment with great return. This is your last opportunity to catch errors that are inevitably introduced at the creation and layout stage.


Handing over your perfectly polished marketing or PR texts or your precisely crafted technical documentation for translation means relinquishing control, and you had better think twice about who deserves your trust.

Your translator needs to be familiar not only with the terminology you use, but also the terminology expected by the target audience. They must hit the right tone depending on the type and purpose of the text, and they need to be prepared to do research and clarify doubts with you (thereby often helping you to improve your original text) rather than just making their best guess.